Although the shop is relatively new, I've been crafting things from hand all my life. From sketchy skateboard ramps and catapults as a kid to learning the art of woodturning as a young adult, I've always been drawn to the act of making something that works.

I grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA, graduated from CSU Chico with a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies. After graduating I promptly loaded my VW bus and took a long and wonderful season wandering the west - landing in Telluride, CO. Here I found Steeprock Joinery, a vibrant incarnation of old-world technique and a great work environment to hone skill and creativity. Additionally, working at Steeprock allowed me to set up my wood lathe in something other than the string of laughably small apartment closets into which I had previously been forced to squeeze.

Here, too I worked briefly with Christoph Neander whose museum quality work urged me to remember that the finer the detail, the closer the inspection and thus, the greater the appreciation of the piece.

(970) 967-MATT 6288|matt@mattdownerdesigns.com